Workshops 2018

During the Battle of the pole 2018 weekend we will host workshops at Studio Dancing Queen.

Below you find the schedule, remember that all entries are conclusive. You need to book your spot in advance!

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Battle of the Pole weekend is in town and we cant wait for all this amazing work shops and performances!

Each workshop has a maximum of 16 participants.

6th of October
09.30-11.00 Josh Taylor; Contemporary Pole (all levels), room 2

11.00-12.30 Josh Taylor; Unicorn Porn (all levels), room 2

12.30-14.00 Anastasia Akentyeva; Dream Catcher (semi adv/adv), room 2

14.00-15.30 Dimitry Politov; FlyingBuddhas (intermediate/advanced), room 2

15.30-17.00 Dimitry Politov; Beginners Baze (all levels), room 2

7th of October
09.30-11.00 Vane Lunatica; Pole Puzzels (intermediate), room 2

09.30-11.00 Suvi Anttalainen; Flexy tricks (intermediate), room 3

11.00-12.30 Vane Lunatica; Meeting Aphrodite (intermediate), room 2

11.00-12.30 Elise Lander; Aerial Hoop (all levels), room 3

12.30-14.00 Dimitry Politov; SmartPower (intermediate/advanced), room 2

14.00-15.30 Pink Puma; (intermediate/advanced), room 2

15.30-17.00 Pink Puma; (intermediate/advanced), room 2

17.00-18.30 Anastasia Akentyeva; Static Flow (intermediate/advanced), room 2

Josh Taylor;
Vane Lunatica;
Anastasia Akentyeva;
350 sek per person for students that take a course at DQ during this course period (book for 400 in the system and let us know when you pay for your ws on the day of it).
400 sek per person for all others.

Dimitry Politov;
400 sek per person for students that take a course at DQ during this course period (book for 400 in the system and let us know when you pay for your ws on the day of it).
450 sek per person for all others.

Elise Lander;
Suvi Anttalainen;
250 sek per person for everyone.

Pink Puma;
350 sek per person for everyone.


Pole Puzzels The art to connect
90 min. (intermediate)
Puzzles... imagine all figures in pole are pieces that can connect perfectly. Under this idea, we will work on creative transitions between figures, focusing on the fluidity to make them look effortless. We will work on fresh static and spinning pole combos... are u ready to play?

Meeting Aphrodite Contem’xotic choreo
90 min (intermediate)
Knee pads and high heels are required The sensual side of pole dancing. A technic lesson inspired in contemporary dance, exotic and jazz funk to enjoy dancing with high heels... electricity, waves, shapes, softness, curves, sharpness and sensitive contact on the floor. A fun pole lesson to let flow the woman power while dancing. “It’s not about moves... it’s about energy beyond movement”.


Contemporary Pole
90 Minutes (all levels welcomed)
Movement, Musicality, Expression and Choreography. This class is a fully choreographed pole dance class. Dive into movement, understand quality and expression and challenge yourself through dance. Enjoy music, your classmates and your body!

Unicorn Porn
90 Minutes (all levels welcomed)
Unicorns don’t give a fuck, they know they are fabulous, and so should you. This is a choreographed pole dance class in HEELS. Warm up in shoes, learn exotic and acrobatic floor work across the room and a sexy routine. A "do not give a shit" attitude is highly recommended.


90 Minutes (good intermediate and advanced level)
New signature flips with step by step preparation techniques, jump outs and jump ins, drops off different element.

Beginners Baze
90 Minutes (beginners)
If you're new to pole, or wanting to try it out, this workshop is perfect for you. The level will be adjusted based on the group and will have more focus on technical elements than dance.

This workshop will include different climbs, swings, rolls, handstands and shoulderstands with signature ways in and out, jump ins and jump offs.

90 Minutes (good intermediate and advanced level)
Combos and transitions with signature strenght and flexibility moves, step by step techniques of execution from easy to difficult, signature static and spinning pole elements.