Workshops 2011

During the battle weekend 22-23 january Dancing Queen will, just like last year host work shops at Studio Dancing Queen just minutes away from the event location.


Below you find a schedule and a presentation of the classes and instructors.


Remember that alla entries are conclusive.



11.15-12.30 Chair Frida 75 min 350 sek

12.30-13.45 Floor Sara 75 min 350 sek

12.30-13.45 Pole Beginner Hanka 75 min 450 sek

13.45-15.00 Advanced Pole Kyra 75 min 450 sek

14.00-15.00 Pole Control Sofia 60 min 250 sek

15.00-16.15 Pole Pole beginner spins and routine Elisa 75 min 450 sek

15.00-16.15 Chair Work Céline Le Gall 75 min 350 sek

16.15-17.30 Pole Hanka 75 min 450 sek


11.15-12.30 Pole Int/advanced Hanka 75 min 450 sek

13.45-15.00 Pole Pole intermediate tricks and combo Elisa 75 min 450 sek

15.00-16.15 Pole Intermediate/Advanced pole Kyra 75 min 450 sek

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class descriptions

Saturday 11.15-12.30 Chair Frida Kristiansson, 75 min 350 sek

This is where it all started! A warm-up class for a long fun day. We use the chair as a tool of training, comparable with a step class but instead of a step we use a chair. Ease to follow choreography, we dim the lights and take the fun back to fitness training! Frida will make sure you leave the classroom with a smile and yes, you will sweat! And yes, you will have fun!

Saturday 11.15-12.30 Beginner Pole Kyra Johannesen 75 min 450 sek

Learn fundamental contemporary dance technique in this class that combines choreography and pole dance in a non-traditional way. Expressing yourself through music and lyrics, you build your strength while creating beautiful pole dance flows, and transitions. This is a great class for those looking more to be a ballerina on the pole, and less of a sex diva.

Saturday 12.30-13.45 Floor Sara 75 min 350 sek

Without inhibitions and accessories we throw the last worries over our shoulder and dim the lights. Now is the time for Floor and you're invited! Sara will take you through a varied work out that will cross between standing and floor work, so bring your long legged pants and be ready to work out!

Saturday 12.30-13.45 Beginner Pole Workshop Hanka Venselaar 75 min 450 sek

Good pole dancing always starts with the basic skills. In this workshop you will learn some basic pole dance moves. Hanka will also show you preparation and strength excercise that you can use to improve your skills. You will also learn cool but easy combinations to make your poledancing even prettier.

Saturday 13.45-15.00 Sextra Pole/advanced Kyra Johannesen 75 min 450 sek
Welcome to this uninhibited, super sexed, raunchy class. This is the class you will find your inner diva sex kitten. Don't be shy and get ready to gyrate those hips, flip your hair, and crawl all over the floor, many different ways. This class will teach you how to walk seductively, move those hips like a real pro, and tease the crowd even if it's just a crowd of one!


Saturday 14.00-15.00 Pole Control Sofia Allard 60 min 250 sek

In order to get better on the Pole, it is crucial that you also do a lot of hard work off the Pole. In this Pole Control workshop we work completely off the pole, focusing on strenghtening your key muscles and introducing you to basic acrobatic techniques such as handstands and headstands. We all want that look of : "No it´s not at all exhausting to do my 7 minutes long aerial pole-routine" If you recognize yourself, then Pole control is the class for you. Suits all, preferably beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

Saturday 15.00-16.15 Chair Work Céline Le Gall 75 min 350 sek

This Cabaret Worshop originates from the burlesque and music-hall tradition, using mainly the chair as a prop.
We'll learn to sit in elegant ways, jump over, walk with and around it, spin it, throw it and, the acrobatic part: walk over it knocking the chair off. Adapted for a level - even beginners.


Saturday 15.00-16.15 Pole beginner spins and routine Elisa 75 min 450 sek

If is your first time on a pole after this lesson you will be addicted to pole dancing!

Learn how to spin, lift your body up and dance around a pole.

These 75 minuts with Elisa will give you the possibility to learn basic moves of pole dance

and how to put them together to create a sexy routine!

Saturday 16.15-17.30 Pole Workshop Hanka Venselaar, 2010 European Pole Champion 75 min 450 sek

Time for dance! In this all-level workshop you will work on a short choreographed pole dance routine. You will use tricks that might be familiar or completely new for you, but that will always have a new twist...!


Sunday 11.15-12.30 Intermediate/Advanced Pole Workshop Hanka Venselaar, 2010 European Pole Champion 75 min 450 sek

In this workshop you will learn new tricks and combos to make the most out of your pole. You will work on exciting tricks, and daring drops, using techniques from both gymnastics and Chinese pole. You can bring your own favorite move and we will work on new and orginal combinations.

Sunday 13.15-14.30 Pole Elisa 75 min 450 sek Pole intermediate tricks and combo

Lear new tricks up and down from the pole and put them together in a combo!

Every pole dance coreography has 3 o 4 combo each one different from the other.

In this lesson you will make your 3 combo that you can use in your pole dance coreography.

Sunday 14.30-15.45 Intermediate/Advanced pole Kyra 75 min 450 sek


Elisa Maria Di Chello


was born in Luton (GB) 15 November 1981. At the age of 6 years she moved with the family to Italy at Cassino began studying classical ballet and then modern dance with the teacher Francesca Matrundola. She takes part at many dance competitions, festivals and workshops with masters such as Mia Molinari, Steve La Chance, Louis Casavola expanding her experiential baggage. At 18 she starts practice aerobics and step for the FIF (Italian Fitness Federation).
She enrolled at the University of Sport and began to practice several sports in particular climbing. She continued her training as a dancer and fitness instructor.
In 2003 she became President of the Arts of Movement (Amateur Sports Association no-profit). In 2004 before graduating, he moved to Milan to dance in a musical "Sketch the musical."She graduated and became Assistant Professor at the University of Sport and she is responsible for the creation of dance chorus of the University. The project called "Danzatina" lasts 1 academic year up to the performance of the inauguration in the academic year 2005/2006.
She approached in 2007 to the world of Pole Dance studying and becoming teacher with Titty Tamantini . She opens her own school of Pole Dance in Bologna where she currently teaches. She continued her training in Pole Dance, studying with Miss Amber Ray and participates in workshops with Karen Chaundy, Alethea Austin Jenyne Butterfly.
Currently she is a Federal Technical teaching the first-level instructors course for the Italian Federation Pole Dance.