Workshops 2010

During the battle weekend 22-23 january Dancing Queen will, just like last year host work shops at Studio Dancing Queen just minutes away from the event location.


Below you find a schedule and a presentation of the classes and instructors.


Remember that alla entries are conclusive.


Prices below, if you buy the 2 day package you can attend all classes for 2495 sek!



10.00-11.15 Contemporary Pole Kyra 300 sek

11.30-12.45 Floor Stina 75 min 200 sek

12.30-13.45 Sextra Pole Kyra 75 min 300 sek

14.30-15.45 Chair Frida 75 min 200 sek

14.00-15.15 Single Ladies Kyra 300 sek


10.00-11.30 SYoga Helena 90 min 200 sek

10.00-11.30 Spins & Flare Kyra 90 min 300 sek

11.45-13.15 Umbrella Ricki 75 min 200 sek

11.45-13.15 Advanced choreography Tanja Suni 90 min 300 sek

13.30-15.00 Advanced Pole Combos Mariana Baum 75 min 300 sek

15.15-16.45 Cirque de Pole Kyra 75 min 300 sek

Description of classes

Contemporary Pole Kyra Johannesen 75 min
Learn fundamental contemporary dance technique in this class that combines choreography and pole dance in a non-traditional way. Expressing yourself through music and lyrics, you build your strength while creating beautiful pole dance flows, and transitions. This is a great class for those looking more to be a ballerina on the pole, and less of a sex diva.


Floor Stina Bengtsson 75 min

Without inhibitions and accessories we throw the last worries over our shoulder and dim the lights. Now is the time for Floor and you're invited! Stina will take you thru a varied work out that will cross between standing and floor work, so bring your long legged pants and be ready to work out!


Sextra Pole Kyra Johannesen 75 min
Welcome to this uninhibited, super sexed, raunchy class. This is the class you will find your inner diva sex kitten. Don't be shy and get ready to gyrate those hips, flip your hair, and crawl all over the floor, many different ways. This class will teach you how to walk seductively, move those hips like a real pro, and tease the crowd even if it's just a crowd of one!


Advanced choreography Tanja Suni 90 min
The class will consist of several advanced-level spin and aerial combinations that will be taught step-by-step separately and combined into a 2-minute choreography during the class. Skills required for the class include aerial inverts, shoulder mount, superman, handstands, spinning climb, reverse grab, and Gemini/Scorpio with no hand grip.


Advanced pole combos Mariana Baum 90 min
The "advanced combos" workshop is about combining tricks and making the cross over as smooth as possible. To fluently do three to five advanced tricks after each other, where we will focus on the technique of repositioning the hands and the body to avoid lack of energy when performing combos, but also to find the strength to keep them smooth.


Spins and Flare Kyra Johannesen 75 min
Learning how to spin and adding flare(style), is not that easy. This class will show you the best spin, and floor combinations to add to your pole dance routines, and guide you in finding your own unique style. You will learn transitions in and out of spins, different walks, along with floor work that will bring your pole dance skills to the next level.


Cirque De Pole Kyra Johannesen 90 min
Ready to drop jaws and defy gravity? This class is not for the faint of heart. This is where the more advanced pole dancers come to play. This class will take your pole dancing, and strength to the next level. After this class you will be ready for your debut performance at the big top circus.


Yoga Helena Wagner 90 min

Mix sensual moves from pole dance and aerobics with traditional Yoga and you get something very nontraditional and unique. Add a pole, chair or work on the floor, we promise you need this class! As a perfect compliment to your regular work out or a work out on its own we isolate the muscles and soften your body to your favorite music. You will increase your body awareness and work with conscious breathing. But be ready, things will heat up...


Chair Frida Kristiansson 75 min

Get ready to sweat! Frida will take you true a sesuall and hot choreography that will make sure you forget time and place! Make sure to bring a water bottle!