Rules 2018

 These are the rules of the competition. Please take your time and read them carefully.

Rules & Regulations

Battle of the Pole is open to all - both amateurs and professional pole dancers.
Battle of the Pole operates under strict rules and encourages entertainment and           showmanship.

The jury of Battle of the Pole takes the dancer’s individual unique style, interpretation and entertainment value into account for each of the finalists.

On top of the 2 categories (Kittens and Lionesses) there will be prizes to win in following categories:
Miss/Mr Attitude By Studio DQ Kajsa Forsberg
Miss/Mr Glamour By Lyko Evelina Kaarme
Miss/Mr Originality/Creativity By Paul Mitchell Pink Puma
Miss/Mr Fitness By Dragonfly Hanna Knihtilä
Miss/Mr Technique By EM events Anna-Maija Nyman

The winner of the Lioness category in both single and double will also receive 1 000 Euro in cash!

    For selection, participant may participate if they meet the following criteria:
a. The participant must be female or male.
b. The participant must be at least 18 years of age before the competition.
c. The participant must provide a copy of their passport or a valid document proving they are holding a residency from a European country.
d. There will be a maximum of 5 Kittens and 15 Lions/Lionesses singles and 3 doubles competing. 2 Kittens and 4 Lions/Lionesses will be chosen from Sweden for the 2018 competition.
2. Registration may only be submitted by the participant.

a. The participant can only compete in one category (either Kittens or Lionesses).
3. Participation in the Battle of the Pole, Pole Dance Competition requires close adherence to the remaining conditions outlined below:
a. The registration must be completed in full accordance with these rules, including all the information asked for.
b. A recent video should be submitted during the specific dates. A late application will not be approved. The application fee must be paid by the deadline of the application or the application will not be taken under consideration.

4. Rules for Filming & Photography
a. All photography and other footage remain property of ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition. The participants have no right to use the photography and other footage made before, during and after the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition event for their own benefit.
b. The participant explicitly and irrevocably must agree that all footage and photography can be used by the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes.
c. Finalists must be available for a photo shoot and possible media interviews before and after the event.

5. Regarding the Pole Dance performance
a. The participant may choose the music for their program, but please make sure not to use inappropriate or vulgar music – unethical content, vulgar language, racism, sexual harassment, support to terrorism, drug propagation, propagation of unhealthy life style, etc.
b. The program may be between 3:30-4:00 minutes. No longer or shorter.
c. No back up dancers or other people on stage.
d. The Kittens category is only open to participants who have not competed before. Use your sportsmanship and conscious towards your fellow participants, if it is brought to our attention that you held information back you will be disqualified from the competition for life.
e. Any failure to abide by the above-mentioned rules will result in a reduction in points or suspension.

6. Dress Code. Regarding Presentation/ Costume
a. High heels or bare feet are allowed. No high boots. No platforms. No pleasers.
b. The participant may use props, but must be approved in advance.
c. The participant may choose their own outfit. It is strictly forbidden to perform nude or partially nude, this will lead to disqualification. It is fine to remove articles of clothing/ costume but only until reaching the minimum allowance as long as it's not done in an erotic matter.
d. The participant cannot promote an individual pole school or other business during the performances.
e. Grip aids that can damage the pole of any kind may not be used. Pre-approved grip aids are Mighty Grip, Dry Hands, Liquid Grip, Dew Point, Tite Grip and Firm Grip.
f. Minimum allowance is shorts/hot pants that cover most of the buttocks, absolutely no g-string. Upper coverage must be in the style of a sports bra with cross back or halter neck. No pasties or tassels.

7. Regarding the Poles Used for Competition
a. Poles are 45 mm competition chrome sun pole, Usable pole hight 4.00m, stage base measuring 2.5m in front in back and between the poles.
b. The right pole (seen from the audience) is spinning and the left is static.
c. No grips are allowed on the poles.
8. Regarding the rehearsals & the competition.
a. Rehearsals will be held at Pelarsalen during the day of the 6th of October 2018. Main competition will be held in the evening at Pelarsalen of the 6th of October 2018.
b. All participants will perform in both the rehearsals and main competition. Both are in front of an audience.
c. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed Lioness and the winner of Kittens may perform at the after party held right after the competition. That performance will be on the same stage.
d. During the rehearsals and competition, the participants must abide by the rules and arrive in advance as stated by the organizer.
e. Participants may not communicate with members of the judging panel during the competition.
f. ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition reserves the right to expel a participant from participation, both before and during the competition.
g. The participants must be available for a photo shoot and possible media interviews both before and after the event. Any photos or interviews taken will used as required by the organizer Studio DQ AB.
h. ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition expects then prize-winners to cooperate with the promotion of the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition and activities.
i. Participants are not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs before or during their show.
j. All participants are required to sign a Release Form before the competition.
k. After the competitors name is on the website it is not allowed to drop out without a doctors notice. If failure to show up to the competition or rehearsals and not send in a doctors notice a 2 year suspension will be in place.

9. Regarding the Title “Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition”
a. The title ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition’ is an official title valid for one year.
b. As ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition’ the winner is an ambassador of pole dance in Europe.
c. As ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition, the winner may be required to take on promotional activities. This occurs in consultation with the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition organizers.
e. In the case of retraction, the runner-up becomes the new ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition 2017-2018 winner.

10. Judging regulations; Regarding the Judging
An expert jury will judge the competitors on the basis of

Performance (choreography, entertainment, showmanship... 50%)
Pole work (technical, tricks, combos....  30%)
Presentation (execution, extensions, transitions... 20%)

a. The judges will also look for (amongst other things)
     - Originality in choreography and musicality
     - Creativity, both in program, tricks, combos, clothes and music
     - Smooth transitions and flawless technique
     - Execution of tricks
     - Strength, flexibility and extensions
     - Overtime / under time
     - Overall performance (use of both poles equally, use of stage, use of both sides of          the body, use of the height of the poles)
     - Versatility and floor work
     - Levels of difficulties in spins, tricks and combos
     - Strength, grace, posture, stage presence
     - The connection between music, performance and look
     - Entertainment and showmanship
     - Deductions will be made for obvious slips and falls.

11. Regarding the Competition Organizers
a. ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition is never liable for injury, loss or damage resulting from any event during all forms of participation in the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition.
b. The Organization reserves the right to change the rules contained herein.
c. All decisions not addressed in these regulations will be made by the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition organizers.
d. A decision made by the ‘Battle of the Pole’ Pole Dance Competition is binding.

APPLICATIONS FOR 2017-2018 OPENS 1st of july 2018

REMINDER - Competition Qualifications:

- Record a video with yourself, 2-3 min unedited. We ask you to be fair to the placement panel and show your skills; make sure you are dancing on both a spin and static pole. The video should not be older than 3 months. If you want to send in a video from a competition that is longer that is also fine.

- No later than 27th of Augusti 2018, fill in the application (link to the right).

- For 2017-2018 there is an application fee, due no later then August 27th 2018.
Application fee is non refundable. The fee is 40 euros or discounted 25 euros for Studio DQ students (that are taking a course during the week 34-41 2018 semester).


- Chosen competitors will find out no later than the 1st of September 2018.


We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.


1st of July Applications open
27th of August Last day to apply and pay fee
1st of September Competitors get answer if they are chosen
3rd of September Competitors have to give answer if they are competing
4th of September We announce the competitors on site