Competitors 2015


1. Daniela Belletato 89p
2. Zuzana Fialova 76p
3. Michaela Riedelova 70p
4. Annina Asukka 76p


1. Polina Volchek - Pink Puma 116p
2. Dimitry Politov 106p
3. Kristina Dumanskaya 103p
4. Ruzenka Kunstyrova 101p
5. Marina Bogomolova (Kira Noire) 98p
6. Koroteeva Elena 96p
7. Nikonova Svetlana 95p
8. Anna Nikulina 93p
9. Samantha Fabbrini 91p
10. Anastasia Akentyeva 86p
11. Stefania Cremaschi 84p
12. Belinda van Ommen 84p
13. Melina 83p
14. Svetlana Shiriaeva 82p
15. Jana Kozlova 75p

Semifinals results


Total 5 finalists:
2 from Czech republic (country hosting the competition in 2015), 3 from other countries
(see chapter 1d Rules 2015)

1. Gremaud Suzanne 94p - droped out because of injury
2. Daniela Belletato 89p
3. Annika Kaasik 88p - droped out because of injury
4. Anni Helldán 78p
5. Zuzana Fialova 76p (CZ)
5. Annina Asukka 76p
6. Suzy Bochatay 73p
7. Michaela Riedelova 70p (CZ)
8. Veranika Reit 67p
9. Ekaterina Grigoreva 66p
10. Maria Davydova 57p
11. Burchak Boutella 56p
11. Karen Sif Oskarsdottir 56p
12. selen gürmen 50p
13. Iuliia Koncha 47p
14. Jenni Multisilta 44p
14. Milla Hirvenoja 44p
15. Gudrun Saemundsen 29p


Total 16 finalists:
4 from Czech republic (country hosting the competition in 2015), 12 from other countries
(see chapter 1d Rules 2015)

1. Polina Volchek - Pink Puma 116p
2. Dimitry Politov 106p
3. Kristina Dumanskaya 103p
4. Ruzenka Kunstyrova 101p (CZ)
5. Marina Bogomolova (Kira Noire) 98p
6. Koroteeva Elena 96p
7. Nikonova Svetlana 95p
8. Anna Nikulina 93p (CZ)
9. Samantha Fabbrini 91p
10. Anastasia Akentyeva 86p (CZ)
11. Stefania Cremaschi 84p
12. Belinda van Ommen 84p
13. Melina 83p

14. Nikolett Molnar 82p - droped out
14. Svetlana Shiriaeva 82p
15. Martina Bucher 80p
16. Olga Youdina 79p
17. De Sloovere Sandra 78p
17. Ekaterina Lemurskaya 78p
18. Hanna Knihtilä 77p
18. Elena Minina 77p
18. Ida Lund Koppang  77p
19. Ludovica Nicolis 75p
20. Jana Kozlova 75p (CZ)
20. Sevinc Gurmen 75p
21. Jorge Lera 74p
21. Tatiana Akhotelashvili (Cheba) 74p
21. Stepanka Saskovicova 74p
22. Dalila Mion 72p
23. Ekaterina Guseva 70p
24. Tine Poullet 67p
25. Fabienne Odermatt 66p
26. Annika Alanko 64p
27. Alexandra Kalousov 61p
27. Alena Kazarova 61p
28. Ekaterina Matkina 60p
28. Szilvia Molnar 60p
29. Sandy Vigh 59p
29. Steffi Klemm 59p
30. Liesbet Jorissen 55p
31. Giuseppe Siracusa 52p
32. Karri Litja 51p
33. Karina Paludan 50p
34. Monica sut 47p
35. Maria Maas 44p
36. Sigridur Kamilla Alfredsdottir 41p



Daniela Belletato, Italy, 25 years old

Daniela comes from Verona in Italy. She is 25 years old. She began to practice pole dance in September 2012. She studied ballet. She is an x-pert instructor and she teaches pole dance and functional training in Verona where she and her two friends opened a school in November 2014.

Zuzana Fialova, Czech republic, 23 years old
SONG: Young and beautiful - Sonora remix ARTIST: Lana del Rey

She started to do pole dance less than 2 years ago. Before she was doing break dance for about 2 years when she decided to try something similar but more graceful.

Her previous pole experiences:

International pole art championship - POLE STARS 2014 (amateur category) - 3rd place
advanced to finals of Pole art Italy - February 2015

Michaela Riedelova, Czech republic, 28 years old
SONG: Elastic heart ARTIST: Sia

She started with pole dancing about three years ago and it became her obsession. In fact pole dancing is the first sport she has ever trained and competed in on a regular basis. Although still on an amateur level, she is glad to have managed with her line of work.

Previous experience with competing:
- Czech Pole sports Championships: Amateur - 9th place (13.6.2014)
- Pole Stars 2014: Amateur - 10th place (18.10.2014)
- Pole Battle League: 2nd place in amateur category for the year 2014

Annina Asukka, Finland, 23 years old
SONG: Apollo (acoustic) ARTIST: Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd

She started pole dancing 3 years ago and fell in love with it. She have no
dancing background of any kind and Battle of the Pole is her first

Lions/ Lionesses

Pink Puma, Russia, 28 years old
SONG: Sister of the wind
ARTIST: Show "Illusio", Leningrad Center, St Petersburg

Pink Puma finds her habitat in brutal environment of sport and show business industry for 20 years. Since she was a child her qualities like hard work, patience and stamina helped her move forward and succeed. At the age of 17th this girl gained a title of Master of Sports in International Level. By this time her work experience includes many well-known entertainment corporations and sport organizations. Her performance background consists of enormous quantity of sport, dance, martial art and circus disciplines.
In August 2011 this young artist decided to integrate her performance and competitive skills, dedicating her craft to Pole Dance and pursues new heights under the name of Pink Puma. Her main goal is to bring into Pole Dance even more artistry, athleticism, grace and to promote it as an Olympic Sport.
2014 Pole Stars Championship - Professional women Ultimate Champion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2013 International Pole Championship - 3rd Place, Pole Fit Champion, Singapore
2012 & 2013 World Pole Sport Championships – 3rd Place, London
2012 Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition – Winner, Moscow
2012 American Pole Fitness Championship – Winner, New York
2012 Pole2Pole Cup USA, Champion of Champions category – Winner

Chreography - Sister of the wind
Since the beginning of time arable farming was the foundation of the activity of slaves. People gave great attention to the cultivation of fields, hay making, seeding and the gathering of harvest. Man's interaction with nature and natural phenomenon was spiritualized, it had a deep sacred meaning.
Ancient slaves worshipped Mokosh, goddess of the Earth and all the Earth's wealth, who knew the mystery of fate. Sister to the god of the wind, Stribog. Her winged students, Vilas, could summon the rain and endow people the ability to sing and dance. Special worship was given to heavenly goddess of Fertility, Dodola-Perunitsa, who controlled the rain, thunderstorms and lightning.
Sagas, rites and superstitions existed ever since the dawn of man. So Dodola, a female character, referred to sorcerous rituals of rainmaking. Her dance was the same as the salutation of the storm spirits and nymphs. A young girl decorated with wreaths and herbs was poured with water while she continued to sing, dance and spin. It was believed that this ritual would make it rain, "unlocking" Heaven's gates.
Sister of the Wind is a collective image of Russian folk and ritual culture, a present reflection of the ancient knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Dimitry Politov, Russia, 25 years old
MIX of 2 SONGS:  Konkrete - Blackout abd Yann Tiersen - Atlantique Nord

Some people appreciate what they have only when they loose it... Once they lost it forever, they have to adapt.

Dimitry was born in Russia in 1989, in 2003 he started break dancing, in 2015 started freerunning, never had any teacher, streets were his only teachers! In 2012 he eventually started pole dancing.

Mr.Pole Dance Russia 2013 - 1st place
PoleArt Cyprus 2014 - 3rd place
Ukraine's Got Talent and Russias Got Talent half-finalist
Winner of Russian Annual Pole Dance Oscar 2013 and 2014

Kristina Dumanskaya, Russia, 25 years old
SONG: Après Moi ARTIST: Peter Gabriel

As a child Kristina trained 4 years in rhythmic gymnastics and 5 years in ballet school. While in college she also obtained a master degree in aerobics. She has been pole dancing for almost 3 years now.

Last years Kristina also competed in Lioness category of Battle of the Pole competition and this is her third time competing at Battle of the Pole.

In 2014 Kristina became Russian National Champion and represented her country in World Pole Sport Championships where she became a finalist (4th place).
In August 2013 she won first place at the International Pole Sport Championship held in Saint-Petersburg and later she finished in 5th place in Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013 National Championship.

Pole Dance for her is a form of art and a way of self-expression, a story told through moves and artistry.

Ruzenka Kunstyrova, Czech Republic, 26 years old
SONG: Great Gatsby mix

Ruzenka has been a dancer ever since the age of 6 when she started figure skating. Later on Ruzenka took on Latin-American dancing, reaching a champions' class and competing internationally. Ending her succesful career in 2011 after 15 years due to a hip problem, Ruzenka began to aim her artistic creativity and passion for performance to a new and exciting discipline of pole dancing.

Since then she has become a National Pole Sport Champion, World Pole Sport finalist, and IPDFA Certified Instructor.

Marina Bogomolova, Russia, 24 years old
SONG: Impossible  ARTIST: Cristina Aguilera

Kira started pole dancing six years ago, inspired by her coach, and now a friend and colleague - Julia Irinina.
Kira believes that pole dancing is an art accessible to everyone. So she got involved in pole dancing, because it does not matter what your background is, and whether you have it at all, but you can still make beautiful and interesting elements, achieve something every day, dance in your own style, whatever makes you feel comfortable and have fun. So initially without having flexibility and strength, you can emphasize on musical execution of available elements, combining them, and later proceed to more extreme tricks, which basically require courage and imagination. On the other hand the desire to do a certain trick makes you work on your flaws, it tempers your character. In this way her dance style and life style was born.
Now Kira is traveling a lot for championships and workshops, but is always happy to go home to her beloved team and students.
Kira always trained with team Trash, whose principle is not "train with the strongest" but "make each other stronger," "when we are together, unattainable is attainable"!
Winner "Pole Art Cyprus", 2014
Winner & Miss Attitude "Battle of the Pole", 2013
2nd place in the overall standings at the Pole Theatre UK 2014, Hatfield
1st Runner Up "MISS POLE DANCE RUSSIA", 2012
3rd place "Superfinal Miss Pole Dance Battle", 2011, Russia

Koroteeva Elena, Russia, 22 years old
SONG: Durk  ARTIST: Enigma Dubz

She is really keen on pole dance that's why she have decided to dedicate her life to it though she has never had any experience in gymnastics. She has been dancing for 4 years and she is going to develop her skills in the future. She likes to travel and participate in different pole competitions. She studies in the pedagogical institution and Prague is her next dream city which she would like to visit and she is eager to join Battle of the pole.

Nikonova Svetlana, Russia, 30 years old
SONG: If You Want Me   ARTIST: Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard

Master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics (17 years of training), 14 years of coaching in fitness, gymnastics, pole dance. All of her free time Svetlana devotes to pole dance. Pole Sport for me it's life. Practicing under the direction of Natalia Tomashova two years.

Pole Sport International 2013 SPb 2nd place
Pole Power 2013 Cherepovets 3rd place
Miss Pole dance Region 2014 Pskov 3rd place
Miss Pole dance Russia Final SPb 2014 2nd place
World Pole Sports Championships 2014 London finalist
Pole Sport International 2014 SPb 1st place
I Open Cup Acrobatics on the Polished Mast 2014 Cherepovets 1st place

Anna Nikulina, Czech Republic, 27 years old
SONG: Obscure 2 Main Theme (xnd edit)     ARTIST: Olivier Deriviere

Her life spins around Pole Dance since 2011. In her opinion the audience should know about her exactly as much as she shows on the stage. The rest is unneccessary to be told.
She always expects more from herself. She also gets really emotional during the competitions as there is so much adrenaline and creative experience, and that's the reason she likes it.
It's a pleasure for her to see a variety of different styles and methods on the stage or dance floor, she appreciate experiments and originality.

Samantha Fabbrini, Italy, 44 years old
SONG: Strange birds   ARTIST: Birdy

Samantha was born artistically as a classical dancer, worked for 10 years in ballet companies, devoting then to television and participating in various television programs, first as a dancer and then as a choreographer.
in 2011 began to practice the pole dance that has allowed her to feel again the emotions of the dance after she stopped dancing.

2014 world pole sports championship ipsf- 7th place cat. masters, London
2014 Italian championship polesports Fisac- Ipsf- Winner cat. masters, Rome
2013 world polesports championship ipsf- 6th place cat. masters, London
2013 Italian championship polegymnastic Fisac- Winner cat masters, Rome
2012 Italian championship Fipd, 2nd place, Rome

Anastasia Akentyeva, Czech republic, 27 years old
SONG: Siempre me quedara  ARTIST: Bebe

Anastasia started Pole dancing 4,5 years ago. As many pole performers she also says - it has definitely changed my life! She didn't do ballet or gymnastics when she was younger, instead she was a sprinter during her school years. Her favourite thing about Pole Dance is that it forces her to improve herself every day in every possible way. She loves to perform and create different characters and share them with the audience. For the past 8 years she has lived in Prague, Czech Repbulic but she is originaly from Russia, Siberia – Tomsk.

2012 - 2nd place Czech Championship - Prague, Czech Republic
2013 -  2nd place and audience award Czech Championship – Prague
2013 - 3rd place Pole Fitness Hungarian Open – Budapest, Hungary
2013 - 4th place Pole Cup – Warsaw, Poland
2013 - 4th place European Pole Sport Champinship – Prague, Czech Republic
2013 - 4th place and audience award Pole Stars – Brno, Czech Republic
2014 - 3th place POLE EMOTIONS - Brno, Czech republic

Stefania Cremaschi, Italy, 24 years old
SONG: Marionette   ARTIST: Expression Crew

Stefania Cremaschi was born in Milan in 1990.

She started her dancing career very early at the age of 6 practicingall kinds of dance for many years .

Working in a TV program as a dancer she discovered Pole Dance watching Marion Crampe performing life and she fell in love.

She decided to work hard on her gymnastic and dancing preparation for the Pole and in less than 2 years she became a certified XPOLE trainer and PoleXGym Tamantini instructor for FISAC (Italian PoleSport recognised Federation).

At the end of 2012 she founded Pole Dance Attitude Italia and now she is leading this Pole Dance studio’s net in Italy that has become the base for many young polers.

She is a dancer, an artist and overall aerial disciplines player. She is the Italian National Pole Dance PoleSport Champion 2014 and she recently (in january 2015) won the Swiss Pole Artistic Championship.

Belinda van Ommen, Netherlands, 23 years old
MIX of two songs: two steps from hell- mercy in darkness, love en loss two steps from hell and two steps from hell- atlantis

From 6 years old she start doing gymnastics. When she start studying she quit gymanstic and found pole dancing.
She started pole dancing in 2013, what she love to do the most is finding new music and make my own routine.

Dutch nationals 2014 came 4th place
Benelux 2014 came 3rd place
European Pole Art Show Croatia 2014 place 3rd
European Pole Dance Professional Championship 2014 1st place
Intercontinental Pole Dance Championship Professional 2014 1st place

Melina, Denmark, 26 years old
SONG: Prituri Se Planinata(NiT GriT Remix) ARTIST: carousel & Stellamara

Melina is originally from Athens, Greece. She fell in love with the world of pole acrobatics after the first try and signed up for classes in 2012. She moved to Denmark in 2013, where her pole dancing career started to take off.

She was doing gymnastics for 10 years, while she was younger and then she continued with contemporary dance. Now, after having finished her studies in physiotherapy, she is also working as a pilates instructor. Later in 2013, she began working as a pole instructor and continued by developing her skills.

As a former gymnastic, Melina knows that hard work is essential if one wants to keep enhancing his/her skills. Her style is athletic with a mix of contemporary dance. What she loves in pole dance, is that dance can be combined with gymnastics. One can increase his/her strength and flexibility, make new combos and work on his/her flows. For her, pole dance is an art, through which she can express her feelings and have fun!!

Of course, expressing their feelings and having fun is what Melina wants her students to learn above all! In her classes, she always tries to introduce new tricks, in order to motivate her students and make them work harder! She loves teaching in the spinning pole, as it helps to improve one’s flow.

In 2014, she attended her first pole dance competition which took place in Denmark. She signed up for the ”Pro’s league” – and won.
-Danish Pole Championship (DM) 2014, PRO category , 1st place winner.

Svetlana Shiriaeva, Russia, 24 years old
MIX of 2 SONGS: Jessica's Theme - Alan Silvestri, Jazz - Wade Robson.

Since she was a kid, Svetlana devoted all her time to ballet. At the age of 7 she became a student at the Academy of Russian Ballet, and later graduated from St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts.

Three years ago Svetlana discovered pole dance and it has been her passion ever since.

Miss Pole Dance Russia 2014 Professional category - 3d place.

Jana Kozlova, Czech Republic, 29 years old
SONG: Ivory ARTIST: Movement

Jana used to do rhythmic gymnastics as a child then there was a long period without any sort of active sports. She re-discovered fascinating freedom of the body movement through pole dance in 2010 and it turned her life upside down.

In 2012, she started to compete both for fun and to gain experience as well as to promote herself and her pole dance studio Decadance Brno. She is personally most proud of her following achievements: 4th place at Czech Pole Sport Championship 2014, 5th place at Czech Pole Art "Pole Stars" Championship 2014 and 6th place at Czech Pole Dance Championship 2013.

Her pole dance studio was awarded as the „Most popular Czech studio of the year“ in 2013 and 2014. Jana herself won the prize „Most popular Czech pole dance instructor of the year“ in same years. These awards are her most prrrrreciooous.