1 Sarah 68.2
2 Ibrahim 67.6
3 Piia Annika 61.2
4 Zenia Sauni 61.0
5 Milla Maria 61.0
6 Herdis 59.6
7 Sebastian 59.2
8 Eva Rut 58.0
9 Theresia 54.4



1 Anzhela Kulagina RUS 90.4
2 Henriikka Roo FI 88.0
3 Miia Rytkönen FI 87.2
4 Laura Gröhn FI 86.2
5 Ewa Otulak DK 85.2
6 Hege Grostad No 78.2
7 Malin Olsen NO 77.6
8 Annamari Mursu FI 76.4

Sponsor Awards

Mr Attitude sponsored by X-Pole and  IBRAHIM TUNC

Miss Glamour sponsored by Sexy by Sweden HEGE GROSTAD

Miss Originality/Creativity by Crimson Lips LAURA GRÖHN

Miss Fitness sponsored by Styles of Sweden HENRIKKA ROO

Miss Technique sponsored by My Silver THERESIA VÖRÖS

Judges seperate scores is listed below.


Congratulations to Sarah and Anzhela!


Dancing Queen would like to thank all the contestents for participating and making this a great competition!

1. Piia Annika Ansamaa SF K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 28 30 20 20 15 22.6
Technique 28 20 20 19 18 21.0
Performance 27 15 15 16 15 17.6

TOTAL 61.2

2. Sebastian Ström SE K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 24 23 25 19 10 20.2
Technique 25 17 17 15 10 16.8
Performance 28 28 17 18 20 22.2

TOTAL 59.2

3.Eva Ruth Hjaltadottir IS K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 22 30 27 21 20 24.0
Technique 20 22 12 12 20 17.2
Performance 22 15 15 12 20 16.8

TOTAL 58.0

4. Zenia Rosas SE K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 23 32 30 18 25 25.6
Technique 22 25 25 10 20 20.4
Performance 20 20 12 10 13 15.0

TOTAL 61.0

5. Milla Maria Ojala FI K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 26 10 27 16 20 19.8
Technique 24 17 20 8 23 18.4
Performance 24 28 25 12 25 22.8

TOTAL 61.0

6. Theresia Vörös SE K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 21 21 25 15 13 19.0
Technique 20 25 15 8 12 16.0
Performance 22 22 20 15 18 19.4

TOTAL 54.4

7. Herdis Jenssen NO K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 25 22 25 15 24 22.2
Technique 23 20 15 10 17 17.0
Performance 23 22 20 15 22 20.4

TOTAL 59.6

8. Ibrahim Tunc SE K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 26 27 25 20 25 24.6
Technique 24 17 12 15 20 17.6
Performance 25 28 30 19 25 25.4

TOTAL 67.6

9. Sarah Plesner SE K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 24 29 20 18 23 22.8
Technique 27 20 28 18 24 23.4
Performance 25 28 23 15 19 22.0

TOTAL 68.2
1. Hege Grostad NO K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 26 29 15 25 22 23.4
Technique 26 30 25 25 22 25.6
Performance 27 27 55 20 17 29.2
          TOTAL 78.2
2. Laura Gröhn FI 30 C H S J Averages
Difficulty 30 32 25 27 27 28.2
Technique 30 30 25 27 28 28.0
Performance 30 30 30 32 28 30.0
          TOTAL 86.2
3. Annamari Mursu FI K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 25 32 20 26 26 25.8
Technique 26 31 20 25 25 25.4
Performance 27 27 25 23 24 25.2
          TOTAL 76.4
4. Malin Olsen NO K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 26 29 22 25 27 25.8
Technique 26 20 23 25 27 24.2
Performance 28 33 25 23 29 27.6
          TOTAL 77.6
5. Ewa Otulak DK K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 29 32 27 26 30 28.8
Technique 29 32 30 26 27 28.8
Performance 29 31 28 24 26 27.6
          TOTAL 85.2
6. Miia Rytkönen FI K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 29 31 27 28 26 28.2
Technique 30 33 30 29 28 30.0
Performance 29 32 27 27 30 29.0
          TOTAL 87.2
7. Henriikka Roo K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 30 31 20 29 28 27.6
Technique 30 33 30 30 30 30.6
Performance 30 33 27 26 33 29.8
          TOTAL 88.0
8. Anzhela Kulagina K C H S J Averages
Difficulty 31 33 30 30 30 30.8
Technique 31 33 30 30 29 30.6
Performance 28 33 30 25 29 29.0
          TOTAL 90.4


Here is a list of all the competitors for Battle of the Pole 2011.


1. Piia Annika Ansamaa (Finland)
2. Sebastian Ström (Sweden)
3. Eva Rut Hjaltadottir (Iceland)
4. Zenia Sauni Rosas  (Sweden)
5. Milla Maaria Ojala (Finland)
6. Theresia Vörös (Sweden) 
7. Herdis Jenssen (Norway)
8. Ibrahim Tunc (Sweden)
9. Sarah Plesner (Danmark)


1. Hege Grostad (Norway)
2. Laura Gröhn (Finland)
3. Annamari Mursu (Finland)
4. Malin Olsen (Norway)
5. Ewa Otulak (Danmark)
6. Miia Rytkönen (Finland)
7. Henriikka Roo (Finland)
8. Anzhela Kulagina (Russia)


1. Annika Ansamaa

I’m 24 years old and live in Helsinki, Finland with my boyfriend. I was born in Oulu, Finland but moved to Helsinki in 2009 to study nursing. At the moment I am on a break from school to focus on working as a senior saleswoman in a small clothing shop. I’m outgoing and quite temperamental. I like things to be done without any delays in the process! I don’t like people who linger around and wait for someone else to do things for them. There is also another side of me—an empathetic and sensitive side. Where my boyfriend is sometimes the most annoying man in the world, but in the end, I’m always looking after him and making sure that he takes his keys with him when goes to work. I started pole dancing in Oulu where I took the basic course which included 10 exercises. It took almost two years for me start pole dancing again in Helsinki. I started training again in August and nowadays I go dancing 4 to 5 times a week.

2. Sebastian Strom


Sebastian was born in the cold winter of 1981. He has been a computer geek ever since. The early years were dedicated to gaming, then came computer programming. Now working as lead developer at The sessions in front of the computer screens were sometimes interrupted by less interesting stuff like football and television. And in the later years poker, salsa dancing and cooking. Threw out the furniture and bought an x-pole in June this year right after trying it at a friends house.

3. Eva Rut Hjaltadottir

I had wanted to get in shape for a long time and hadn't done any type of sports or dancing since childhood. Then I discovered pole dancing. I fell in love with it and became addicted to the sport after the first class and have been ever since. I never dreamt I could do the things on the pole that I can do now. And I want to learn more. Every new move or spin is a victory and I am always setting new goals to accomplish so I am never bored when I am on the pole. I am thrilled to compete outside of Iceland since the pole dancing community in Iceland is very small. I competed in the Icelandic pole dance and fitness championship on September 11, 2010 and came in second place and also won the title Miss Sexy. Growing up I used to be the kid who hated sports and was more into music and the arts. So my pole dancing journey has come as a pleasant surprise.

4. Zenia Sauni Rosas


I’m 21 years old and originally from Peru but I have lived and been

raised here in Sweden since I was a toddler. About ten months

ago I discovered pole dance and immediately fell in love with it.

I haven’t competed in any pole dancing competitions before, but

I really enjoy what I’m doing and I will do my very best to give a

good performance. I’m currently studying fashion at SU, working

at the family business and developing my pole dancing skills with

the help of my wonderful pole dancing teachers. 

5. Milla Maaria Ojala

I'm 22 years old girl from Jyväskylä Finland. I study psychology in the 
University of Jyväskylä and work part-time in a small book store. I
have always been very shy when it comes to gymnastics or sports.
I'm still afraid of doing somersaults! I don't have a background of
dancing lessons either, even though I danced a lot by myself when
I was very little. I started pole dancing in september 2009 and fell in
love with the sport immediately. There is something in the stability
of the pole that makes me trust myself enough to do tricks I would
have never imagined myself doing. I don't want to take pole dancing
too seriously, the main thing for me in pole dancing is to have fun!

6, Teresia (Teri) Vörös

I began dancing when I was 5 years old with ballet and danced it for 6 years. Then I tried several things, like piano, basketball, gymnastics, free sport and running. Eventually I realized that I really wanted to dance. So I began again with ballet and added street, jazz, contemporary/modern and tap. I also tried flamenco, hip hop/ragga, afro dance and more. I am also interested in weight lifting at the gym and gymnastics again. And since February of this year I began pole dancing, but had to take the summer off due to an injury. In recent years I have worked with kids at different schools and as dance teacher. I have also worked as gymnast instructor. I feel that this pole dance competition will be an experience I need to feel that I have control of my life. Also I love to dance and difficult challenges, so here I am!

7. Herdis Jenssen


I am from a small place called Sander in Norway. I have two wonderful 
girls, ages 14 and 20. I started pole dancing in November 2009 at
Sometimes Pole Studio in Oslo, Norway, where I have met some
fantastic and warm people—I love you. I absolutely love this kind of
sport, it tones your whole body, at the same time you are just having fun!
I like to stay ins hape by pole dancing at the studio at least twice a week,
and training by myself at home. I also like to go to the fitness studio and
run on the treadmill. My interests also include snowboarding in the
wintertime, it gives me such a good feeling of being one with nature. In daily life, I work at
Øvre Romerike Taxi, with all my great colleagues. This is me in a nut-shell:)

8. Ibrahim Tunc

I am 22 years old and I live in Gävle, Sweden. My whole my life I have been devoted to sports and training, but recently I have started with something that has changed my life, dancing. It's been a little more then one year since I started and I'm obsessed! 

My main style is breakdance/streetdance and also some tricking. I've also recently started with Chinese pole and I love it! Otherwise I'm a really funny and down to earth guy. I'm probably the clown in the family as I love to make people laugh. I work part time at a youth center, a place where kids come to play after school, and also as a model/actor/dancer. And I love to play piano because It's so relaxing.

9. Sarah Plesner

Sarah is the champion of the first annual Danish Pole Competition! She is 26 years old and has been practicing pole dance for only one year. But, she has loved to dance all of her life. She works in a club for young people and lives with her boyfriend and child in Hvidovre. As the winner from Denmark, she is so excited to have the opportunity to participate as a Kitten in Battle of the Pole!


1. Hege Grostad


Last year Hege competed in the Kittens category of Battle of the Pole, so this year she is really excited to be with the Lionesses! Hege started poledancing about 2 years ago, and has been teaching in the past year. What she loves about poledancing, is the contstant challenge and the rewarding feeling of finally mastering a move that seemed impossible at the first attempt.  She love the way pole dance allows acrobatic movements to be incorporated with elegant and sensual dance moves. When not being on the pole, Hege studies pedagogy at the University of Oslo.

2. Laura Gröhn


Laura has background in gymnastics. After that she tried everything from pole vault to tennis, but when she found pole dance ten years later, she was sold. Pole dance has everything she wants: acrobatics and dance. The best part in pole dance is that you can bring your own personal style to the performance. For Laura it's beautiful lines and moves, technique, a story behind the dance and the feeling that dance gives to the audience. She has competed in five competitions before. In international competitions Laura came fourth in both PoleArt 2009 and Battle of the pole 2010. She also won national competition called Tampere open showcase in 2010. Laura has also been teaching pole dance for a couple of years at Helsinki Rock the Pole studio. She does all this in addition to her full time work and university-studies.

3. Annamari Mursu


Annamari found pole dancing two and a half years ago and since then she has trained at Rock The Pole dance school in Helsinki. Annamari has always been keen into sports, but pole dance was her first dance hobby. She now teaches pole dance once a week and dances ballet, show, modern and jazz. Annamari's first competition was Battle Of the Pole 2010 and she won Kittens category. She also participated in Finnish National Championships 2010 and was 7th.

4. Malin Olsen


Malin Olsen is 26 years old from Oslo, Norway. She started pole dancing in the Summer of 2009 at Sometimes Pole Studio. She quickly became obsessed with pole dance and started practicing  with a friend and learned most of her moves from watching YouTube. She loves this sport more and more everyday for every challenge it gives her. Malin loves to dance and has a background in diffrent dance styles. She strives to use that when pole dancing. She was the first runner up Kitten in the Battle Of The Pole 2010 and is very exited to be in the Lionessse category this year!

5. Ewa Otulak


Ewa Otulak is 30 and has 2.5 years of pole dance training. She

competed in Battle of the Pole 2010 and came in 6th place and

was the Winner of the title "Miss Fitness."

6. Miia Rytkönen


I started pole dancing three years ago and it was a love at first sight. Before pole dancing I wasn´t very athletic but nowadays I also do ashtanga yoga and rock climbing. I´ve also been teaching pole dancing for two and half years now and I´ve taken part in several competitions and events. This year I was second runner-up in the first Finnish National Championships and first runner-up in Battle of the Pole 2010!

7. Henriikka Roo
I’m 24 years old student from the Tampere University of Technology. I 
have been dancing ballet and other dance as a hobby since I was
seven years old. Now I have been pole dancing since the summer of
2008. My pole debut was at PoleVibes in March 2010 and after that I
have been in many competitions: 2nd place in Finnish Championship
2010; PoleArt2010 Showcase performe; 5th place in European Championship 2010
professional category; Finalist in The International Pole Championship in Tokyo 2010
I like to use my ballet technique and style also in my pole dancing. My aspiration is
to create fluid and musical pole dance performances that are interesting, different
and captivating. I also teach pole dancing at Studio Move at Tampere in Finland.

8. Anzhela Kulagina


Is 22 years old and have been dancing since she was 3 and pole dancing for almost 3 years. She can look back onto a classical ballet education. She has performed at "Second Cup of Pole Dance in Russia" and got 1st place in the nomination of Pole Fitness.

She was third on your last year championship "Battle of the pole 2010". She's gained second prize on the "Championship of Pole Dance in the central Federal district in Russia" in the artistic pole dance nomination. She also got 5th place this year at the Worlds championship that was held in Switzerland. Her whole experience in competing is 1 year long. She now performs and teaches pole dance in one of the largest pole dance schools in Moscow.